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Download this booklet if you want to recap the concepts of the podcast! It includes review exercises for each episode, key terms and definitions, suggested activities at home, and the lyrics for the theme song in English and Devanagari script.


For parents and teachers: Download the Answer Key here for answers to the review questions and the listening exercises in the podcast. 


Want to keep singing even after an episode is over? Great! These practice tracks  are select audio excerpts that will allow you to repeat or sing along with Sahana and Hamir as many as times as you want!


For individual track downloads, click here

The original recording of the "Sa Pa Sa" song, composed by Pandit Dinkar Kaikini, is available on the album "Aao Sab Mil Gaao," a collection of children's songs in Hindi. For those interested in purchasing the album, please email

Practice Track 1: Episode 2, Sa Pa Sa Song, Sing Along

Practice Track 2: Episode 3, Notes of the Saptak, Sing Along

Practice Track 3: Episode 3, Note Patterns, Sing Along

Practice Track 4: Episode 3, Sa Pa Sa Song, Sing Along

Practice Track 5: Episode 4, Sa Pa Sa Song, Sing Along

Practice Track 6: Episode 6, Sa Pa Sa Song, Sing Along

Practice Track 7: Episode 7, Match the Rhythm Pattern

Practice Track 8: Episode 7, Reciting Tabla Syllables and Keherva

Practice Track 9: Episode 8, Sa Pa Sa Song, Sing Along Final

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